A free co-working, co-living experience
for amazing people.

The first edition of Grind Camp took place in Nicaragua during July 2017.

20 participants of 14 different countries and diverse background shared living and working spaces in the gorgeous beach town of San Juan del Sur.

We're getting ready for our next edition. Applications are closed for now but leave your email and we'll notify you when they open again.

What we've been up to

Why are We Doing This?

Have a Look at Our Manifesto.

Grind Camp is an opportunity we want to give ourselves.
Our purpose is not to make money.
We intend to build a community.
A creative diverse community.
And a creative community will not be built by customers.

At Grind Camp we believe that communities are co-created in action.
So grind camp is free.

Creativity means to leap away from linear into exponential and that happens when you hang out with the right people.
We know diversity seeds innovation,
So the right people are diverse.

Still, they all probably know that:

Passion always means hard work

Hard work can be enjoyed.

Hard work will be contagious.

Passion sometimes also means insomnia

Careful, insomnia might also be contagious

Even more so when you're dreaming well awake

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